Who we are

The Southern California Branch of the American Society for Microbiology (SCASM) is one of the largest branches in ASM. Throughout the year, we offer our members many opportunities to keep up with the latest developments and information in the field of microbiology.

What we do

SCASM offers several programs each year with speakers presenting exciting information from their fields of expertise. In addition, our Annual Meeting is held in Southern California in the Fall, with renowned microbiologist speakers and presenters from throughout the country.

Our history

The Southern California branch of the Society of American Bacteriologists (SAB, now known as the American Society for Microbiology) was founded in 1936. Dr. T.D. Beckwith of the Department of Bacteriology at the University of California, Los Angeles, agreed to become the branch's first president. Dr. John Kessel of the University of Southern California was elected as the "second officer."

A T.D. Beckwith Honorary Award for outstanding contributions in Microbiology is presented each year at the Annual Meeting. Click here to open/print the Recommendation Application (pdf).

A distinguished group of 25 members of the national society petitioned to become a new branch, and in December of 1936, the SAB Council formally approved the branch. Since that time, the membership has grown to include over 700 members with responsibility for the territory encompassing California zip codes 90000-93599. Members of SCASM live and work throughout Southern California, from Santa Barbara to the Mexico border.

SCASM Presidents

Years of Service President
2022-Present Nicole Green
2019-2022 Jennifer Dien-Bard
2017-2019 LaRonda Frazier
2015-2017 Mark Dubar
2013-2015 Elizabeth Marlowe
2011-2013 Margie A. Morgan
2009-2011 Diane Citron
2007-2009 Susan M. Novak-Weekley
2005-2007 Thomas Brewer
2003-2005 Nancy H. Bishop
2001-2003 Michael A. Lewinski
1999-2001 Thomas Brewer
1997-1999 Dale A. Schwab
1995-1997 Kenneth Anderson
1993-1995 Lynne S. Garcia
1991-1993 Janet Hindler
1989-1991 Richard P. Henke
1987-1989 Marilyn J. August
1985-1987 Maurice L. White
1983-1985 Harold B. Moore
1981-1983 Henry C. Fung
1979-1981 Uzy Blachman
1977-1978 William J. Martin
1975-1976 Robert Scheir
1973-1974 Max D. Lechtman
1972 Ruth L. Russell
1971 William L. Chandler
1970 David Carlberg
1969 I. Olitzky
1968 James N. Miller
1967 Beatrice Kelly
1966 Seymour Froman
1965 A. F. Brodie
1964 Dexter H. Howard
1963 A. F. Rasmussen
1962 W. R. Romig
1961 John E. Forney
1960 Frances Hallman
1959 Dean A. Anderson
1958 Henry D. Weimer
1957 Milo D. Appleman
1956 Harrison Kurtz
1955 Robert A. Greene
1954 W. D. Rosenfeld
1953 Meridian Ball
1952 S. C. Rittenberg
1951 M. J. Pickett
1950 J. W. Bartholomew
1949 Charles Pait
1948 Robert Hoyt
1946-1947 A. J. Salle
1945 C. E. ZoBell
1943-1944 Charles Arthur
1942 Anson Hoyt
1941 J. F. Kessel
1940 Emil Bogen
1939 R. V. Stone
1938 C. W. Bonynge
1936-1937 T. D. Beckwith
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